How to regulate poor sleep? There are always a few little methods that are suitable for you.百度网盘下载

How to regulate poor sleep? There are always a few little methods that are suitable for you.百度网盘下载点击快速获取相关资源

It is very common to have poor sleep quality, as many people expe\ G D u Crience low sleepx 9 z O 2 j quality due to habits, work, study, lifestyle, and other reasons.

SoO : n k i, how can we adjust poor| Q d 2 ` { u sleep? Don&K n 5 8 n \ 2 ’t wow Q v : 4 | { drry, let’s take a look at how to de4 – ~ L 6 I Dal with poor sleep and the dietary principles for poor sleep.} k L \

If you always have poor sleep qu4 I [ ` B Wality, you can try the followiI ` + ; F Bng methods, which will have good results:

1. Change the habitE i j B 9 ] r m of sleepi Z 4 w ^ing on your back. SleepB I 9 3 `ing on your back is the most common sleeping position, but this pok w C ~ ) x @sition can make the body and legs only in an upright position and cannote S | _ R 3 achieve theU o E , goal of relaxing the whole body. When the abdominal pressure increases, sleeping on your back can easily make you feel cq 1 S ` ; :hest tightness and suffocatio4 k 5 P : H dn.

Sleeping on your back may also intentionally or unintej _ 1 U \nt# \ 0 x Q M % 5 Hionam c 6 Q @ 7lly put hands on the ches( ? Ut, putting pressuO 6 H a t nre on the heart and lungs and easily leading to nightmares. People with snoring or res8 ] U X ^ N ? v Upiratory dis` ^ % \ Ieases should not adopt this sleeping position. The best sleeT F e ) g dping position is lying on the right side.

2. Adopt th` H S q s ` Qe posture of bending bot\ p _h legs and lying on the righn j g l | 2 y $ }t side. The posture of bending both legs and lying on the right sideq f $ 1 2 | $ h Q can help you fal_ g {l asleep more easily.

This is because the posture of bending both legs and lying on thT z t 0 &e right side is correct. This is because the heart is on the left side, and lying on the right side can reduce the pressure on the heart, help blo. 4 $ 0 \ Qod flow freely, and promote better metabolism. In addition, food in the stomach depends on gravity to pu? k \sh it into the duodenum, which can promou U Pte digestion and@ ~ J e . G = ^ absorption.

However, when lying on your side, be careful not to put the pia ~ ] u Y 1 X K {llow too low, otherwise your neck will feel uncomfortable. The technique for side sleeping: it is best for tc 3 ( & 8he direction of the head a` 6 p 5 3 ?nd feet to be east-west, to avoid the head facing north and the feet facing south.

3. Write a journal. Thinking or engaging in intense activities can release stress hormones and produce vigilance.

However, writing a stress journal canF F ` b T ) help us forget abou: 3 Z | U _t anxiety wh5 F e } [ F Den we climb into bed. Re0 & 0 m ) 2 4seo r C E – e } R Saro l Ach has shown that certain ty} j – Y Z E S ,pes ofZ G F k ` x journals focus usi t ( # on the positive a1 3 h 2 O 1 r 7 7spects of life rather than the negative aspects.

4. Create a comfortable environmentF w y ` p k R (. AK + u , ) 6 A 5 z comfortable sleeping_ y p environment can also help us fall asleep better.

Whether it is choosing the perfect mattres| f w U E Ss, spending a lot of money to buy 800-thread-count sheetX – =s, or bul J / J A @ O $ying solid curtains to block light.

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